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Supercuts Reviews

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  • Supercuts refused to cut my son's hair

    My 4-year-old and I walked into Supercuts on Lincoln Ave in Chicago yesterday. I politely asked the gal at the front desk how long it would take for a stylist to cut my son's hair start to finish. We were told 35 minutes. He and I sat there for 35 minutes (not once did he run around the store or cry or make any unreasonable noise). Everyone ignored us, including the several available stylists and the gal we initially spoke to. We simply walked out after 35 minutes without a word. If you don't want to cut a kids' hair, don't waste my time. I will never go to Supercuts again. More...
    Jessyew's Picture   Jessyew    1 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts - Price increase and "Call Ahead" that simply does not work

    I have been going to Supercuts for my haircut for years. Typically, I get a buzz cut which is rather simple to do. Set the clipper size and trim all over. The cost for a buzz used to be $9.95. This low pricing was discontinued - it is now 70% higher. Because the previous price was SO low, I kept going back despite the price increase. However, the "Call Ahead" program that used to prevent sitting and waiting forever, is now completely useless. I called ahead today and was still waiting 45 minutes after my allotted time. Needless to say I left - went to a local barbers, was taken... More...
    johntonk's Picture   johntonk    0 Comments   Comments
  • Charge Extra For Request Hair Stylist

    Supercuts charges $2.00 extra if you request a certain stylist to cut your hair. Why are return customers penalized for this? Supercuts should be happy that customers return and not upset them because they have returned and request/like a particular stylist. Last evening the person who has previously cut my hair was on duty with only one other stylist. She knows I come to her. When I paid she charged me $2.00 extra as a service request. I am not happy with the stylist doing that to me. I am a generous tipper and easy to please. But, I am not pleased with Super Cuts policy. More...
    aimee100's Picture   aimee100    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts, Kernersville

    The most awful hair experience!!!! Please do not go here. I went to Lauren and we were talking and she did what I asked her not to do. She apologized but I noticed that it wasn't a good hair cut at all and I told her to stop immediately. I didn't want any more cut off then she had already done as my hair is short. She charged me still and told me I could call the manager in the morning if I wanted. Well, I didn't want to wait a whole day with my hair looking bad so I asked Erica if she could fix it. I think she wanted to get even for Lauren and she proceeded to... More...
    jilljofnc's Picture   jilljofnc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Being so rude, disgraceful and disrespectful

    I took my 14-year-old son for a hair cut just now (3-26-2015 @ 5:30 pm). Not to mention that the barber's comments to my son requested how to cut his hair. She asked him a question with a term which he didn't understand. Then her response was asking my son if it's the first time having a hair cut. If it is common to have hair cut once every 14 years, all the hair cut business would have been closed down by now! Why did she ask that kind of question??? (She has an initial KW) More...
    connietsui's Picture   connietsui    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts Crestwood, IL.

    Been a customer of the Crestwood, IL. Supercuts for about 10 years. I have been completely satisfied up until the last 8 months. Within the last 8 months I have had my hair cut 3 times by a dark haired gal with a very strange personality (sorry, I don't know her name but I'm sure the employees know who I am speaking of based on my description). Anyway, this gal is a complete hack when it comes to hair dressing. On each of the 3 occasions I have been there I have had to ask this gal to make corrections to the cut she just gave me. I'm a guy and not that picky about my hair... More...
    kkrat's Picture   kkrat    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts bad haircut

    I know it's just Supercuts but a basic haircut is what I wanted. Stylist Christina lied about her abilities, then wanted another stylist to fix her mess. One side is longer and much thicker My bangs are completely void of any type of blending. and to top it off this girl couldn't figure out how to frame my face...maybe she was just too busy gossiping and keeping secrets with her coworker. Not my first time at a Supercuts but it will be my last. More...
    tlopez's Picture   tlopez    0 Comments   Comments

    Unhelpful stylists, who ignores costumers that just came in. After patiently waiting for more than an hour, the outcome was... the worst haircut i've ever had! My hair is now left unaligned!!! I gave her clear instructions on how i want my haircut done, but she decided not follow it. Really upset, as i now have to pay for another haircut to correct her mistake. A complete disaster! Payed too much, lost my time and HARD earned money. More...
    badhairrrrrr's Picture   badhairrrrrr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Andrea from Supercuts does amazing "fades"! (Boise Id)

    I have been getting my hair cut from Andrea at the Super Cuts located off federal way in Boise, Idaho. I am in the military and very picky about my "fade". I have finally found Andrea who is able to cut my hair with perfection! She takes her time and has the most amazing personality around. I strongly encourage everyone to give her a shot at cutting your hair. Getting my hair cut is low on my proirioty list, yet I always seem to leave with a smile. Thanks Andrea and Supercuts for doing GREAT. More...
    BJhawk's Picture   BJhawk    0 Comments   Comments
  • They ruined my hair and turned it orange

    A while back I went in to get my hair done. A simple converted bob with a dye to a chocolate brown. When they were finished it was closing time. I had been there over 3 hours and they basically pushed me out the door. When I got home I realized I had hair dye all over my forehead, neck, back and ears. I had to scrub it off myself. Also they had destroyed my hair cut and my hair was not chocolate, it was copper. I submitted a complaint and to date no one has responded. Horrible place, don't go unless you don't mind having to pay someone else to fix the mess. More...
    Hlindsay's Picture   Hlindsay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts (Keene, NH)

    Supercuts (Keene,NH) horrible service. Every time I have gone, I get the same haircut. They have such a horribly high turn-over rate, every new hair stylist screws up my hair. I am done this time. Last year I asked them to slightly layer my hair in the back so that I could curl it under. When I left I looked like a guy. NOT HAPPY about that. Cheap is what you pay for. More...
    TerryB001's Picture   TerryB001    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercut- Hounslow (do not go)

    Supercut Hounslow, i do not recommend anyone visiting this hairdressers. I asked the lady for a trim the length and a side fringe. she trimmed my hair all around, when it come to my fringe she wet the front on the hair and chopped it all off and gave it a full thick and front fringe. something i never had and never asked for. i put to put up with a full fringe, something that my young daughter as. lack of communication, poor management. when asked the lady she laughed and said sorry i "though" this will look better!! when was she going to tell me, its hair do what i asked for.. DO... More...
  • Supercuts refuses to honor free haircut card with no expiration date.

    I got my worst haircut ever from Supercuts at Stony Point NY. However, this pertains to all Supercuts. I have been a supercuts customer for many years. I have a card filled with employee signatures that entitles me to a free haircut. There is no expiration on it but no supercuts in my area will accept it. I tried calling customer service and it was like talking to a wall. Even the supervisor "Roxy" was useless and just parroted what everyone else said, "we no longer accept that card". They could have exchanged this for a gift card, but refused. It didn't matter that... More...
    mscoulter's Picture   mscoulter    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible hair color job at store 90236

    A terrible service, in Hollywood florida, they dyed my hair orange, it was supposed to be blonde, they tried to fixed it, was worse. They told they were going to refund my money but when I went there, they did not. A complete Fiasco. .store #90236. Now I have to get a proffessional to fixed the damage. I can believe that happened, lost money time and..... terrible hair, I will never go back there. More...
    aleli's Picture   aleli    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercr*p

    Absolutely disgusted with the attitude and service of the staff at Supercuts in Westfields, Stratford. After asking for a child price and them seeing my 11 year old daughter I was quoted a price of £9.95 and told that we would have an hour wait. After waiting over an hour the stylist decided she wanted to wash my daughters hair (even though it had been freshly washed). I asked how much extra this would be and she could not give me a price and had to consult somebody else. Eventually she came back with a price of £25 and because this was such a huge increase I queried this only... More...
  • Super cuts.... Worst haircut experience ever!

    I went in on saturday evening for a haircut. It started off good and as I looked in the mirror watching her cut she had a look of disgust on her face. As an African American woman I understand my hair is a different grade than hers but my hair was clean, and actually it's very soft. She didn't talked to me even after I tried to engage. I told her my hair didn't look even and she said it will after I flat iron it. My hair was already straight and then she said she doesn't cut slot but she had worked there 3 years. I was embarrassed and humiliated but I paid and left... More...
    Deedeejay's Picture   Deedeejay    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service

    I went to the Supercuts in Hackensack nj and they're so called district manager absolutely butchered my sons hair. She was nasty and talked down to me. I've never been so unhappy in my life. When I told her how disappointed I was she didn't care and still charged me. I had to wait 45 minutes for my son to look like a monk. More...
    Madmom4567's Picture   Madmom4567    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts / Regis Corp Refuse Angelman Syndrome 16 year old a haircut

    Supercuts owned by Regis Corp Refused to give Alec my darling 16 year old child with Angelman Syndrome a haircut on October 6th at 55 N. Buffalo Grove Road in Buffalo Grove Illinois. To date the CEO and regional VP who are aware of this have done nothing to remedy this unfortunate and maybe federal violation of discrimination. If you would like to express your opinion, concern or anger please feel free to call their corporate office at (952) 947-7777. (RGS) on the NYSE. Stop the discrimination of our Special Needs Children and Adults! More...
    stevenmeister's Picture   stevenmeister    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts did super job on our hair

    What a nice place, very pleasant experience. The décor is tasteful, shop is very clean and fresh smelling. My husband and I went here for hair cuts today. We were unsure quite what we wanted and asked "the girls" to do what they may. Both Desiree and Angela made suggestions and got our ok before proceeding. My husband got a shampoo, cut and style and I got cut my hair cut and styled. We both left feeling well treated and delighted with our new look. We heartily recommend this Supercuts to everyone! More...
    GiftedMama's Picture   GiftedMama    1 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts is scissor happy!!!

    I will never let anyone ever cut or touch my hair from supercuts in Corpus Christi, Tx.(Gulfway shopping cntr.)Venessa went scissor happy on my long hair.All I ask for was layersall over but keep my length!!!Well now my hair is shorter than my shoulder n not layered.Im having 2 wear a ballcap cuz im so embarrassed!!!!Thanx alot Vanessa.Your name should of been "Edward scissor hands" More...
    darlene72's Picture   darlene72    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercuts horrible hair cuts

    The manager or clerk/hairdresser was totally imcompetent. I had been there previously, had a horrible haircut and requested of the person taking names (think it was the manager) that I did NOT WANT the person (and I pointed to her) that had cut my hair the last time. I was told "no problem". She then left the store with a friend or co-worker to chat outside and left me with this girl (I should have left at that point) who made a worse mess out of my haircut than she did the previous time. I agree with the comment about the Supercut so called stylists are drop outs from hair... More...
    charoseb's Picture   charoseb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Too much drama!

    I dealt with a supervisor, Dru, supervisor of Rochester/ Syracuse, and will never again come face to face with her! She is ruder than rude, and I feel horrible for her employees! She apparently demoted one manager for nothing (I have big ears and am nosy)! I hope she is fired. Dru could be described as words I refuse to write. I was at a salon when (once again using my big ears), their brand new computer system didn't work. It looked very busy. I was waiting to be cashed out for ages. I heard a stylist say that their supervisor wasn't working that day. She had been on the phone... More...
    jtklotz01's Picture   jtklotz01    0 Comments   Comments
  • At coddington in Lincoln, NE refusal for service

    Ok... First of all there works 2 ladies that I really like, cause they style my hair really good and they are sweet, one of them is supervisor at that salon. But I came in on Monday morning for a style at around 9:15 am, the girl that is supervisor refused to style my hair and asked me to come back 2 hours later. That's what she said to me: " Can you come back at 11 am , because there 2 of us and she is doing color and we have to have another person cutting hair, so we can not do that for you. we need to have at least 3 people on the floor" SO, first of all felt like I am not... More...
    yuliyans's Picture   yuliyans    3 Comments   Comments
  • SuperCuts Nightmare

    My sister and i went to supercuts for a haircut and we had extentions on (Keratip Fusion) they chopped up our hair with normal scissors and with the same scissors they cut our extention hair too. They COMPLETELY RUINED OUR EXTENTIONS !! We had to take off extentions as a final result and the RUDE LADY THAT CALLED ME BACK FROM CORPORATE HAD THE WORST DEFENSIVE SNOTTY ATTITUDE I KEPT TELLING HER TO CALM DOWN AND STOP YELLING AT ME AND SHE REFUSED TO GIVE ME HER NAME AND SAID IF I WANTED HER NAME TO CALL CORPORATE SHE WAS CORPORATE AND IT WOULD GET BACK TO HER ANYHOW. SHE YELLED OVER AND OVER... More...
  • Terrible Haircut!

    Guildford Supercuts, A male hairdresser cut my hair. I went in for a wash and cut, when I got home I had to re wash my hair as he didn't do it properly and my roots were extremely greasy. I have long hair and usually it takes about 20-30min to do my hair. He managed to complete it in 10 minutes. His style was very poor, nothing that i had seen before, instead of cutting it evenly, my hair is completely out of shape with random bits sticking out. VERY POOR, I am more upset that I have to go and pay for another hair cut to correct his mistake More...
    be7a's Picture   be7a    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beauty School Dropouts!

    Supercuts in Epping, Stratham, Portsmouth, NH are nothing more than Beauty School Dropouts that should not be cutting, coloring hair or anything else for that matter and should have just joined the Circus. Management are liars, theives, and ripoff artists and is a Franchise so Supercuts wipes their hands of all of the horrendous things they do to consumers and they talk to you like you are less than crap and hang up. They can't even greet you professionally of nicely because they know they can get away with it. They should NOT be in Business. I could write for hours on these... More...
    Infor4mer's Picture   Infor4mer    1 Comments   Comments

    I've been sitting in my room crying for about two hours. I spent $140 on a hair cut at super cuts, it looks HORIBLE. Seriously, I gave them pictures of the cut I wanted and the color, they messed it all up. My hair isn't red, it looks like a dark orange. I look like I could be the main star and that dumb movie hair spray. I hate this so much, I'm never going back, Please don't waste your time with their bull. Please. More...
    TheOneFur's Picture   TheOneFur    1 Comments   Comments
  • take me back

    My name is Quynh Pham I have been working for supecuts at roosevelt mall for almost 2 years, recently i just walked away from supercuts It was a stupid decision that every made. Because over there i had alot of customer like me and requested me. I thought that when i left there will be ok for me but is not because everytime i closed my eyes i think of my customers my coworker. Right now I work in center city i was'nt bad but deeply in my heart my supercuts still my number one I just want to thank my supercuts because you made me to be a great hairstylist i appreciated Gary, mrs patti.... More...
    phamquynh299's Picture   phamquynh299    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disgusted and pathetic service

    1. Long wait at the counter with an Unwelcoming attitude: the lady at the reception counter will not respond with a smile, rather she seems traped there to do her job! 2. Refuses to cut my hair: she tells me i have too long hair! And that it might take more than imaginable hours to cut them! On the phone she says yes im available to cut your hair, but in person she refuses, i believe its call recordng which they fear and welcme people. 3. Cut my sister's hair in 10 mins. That included the wash as well, and left hem wet! She trimmed them with a straight line. And said you are done. 4.... More...
    Rabseestars's Picture   Rabseestars    0 Comments   Comments
  • Supercut on TPC in San Antonio, TX.

    With the price of gasoline I decided to try the cheaper Supercuts near me. My hair is shoulder length.....very simple. I told the girl I didn't want her to cut the bottom at all.....just the bangs and a slight crown lift. She absolutely butchered my hair. It is awful. It is like she put a soup bowl on me head....went round....and then left the bottom long. I will never.....never.....ever go back there and it will take months to grow out this castastrophe. They might do kids and males well......but, ladies, if you want a good cut......stay away from there. More...
    RedheadinTX's Picture   RedheadinTX    1 Comments   Comments
  • Supecuts Lewisham

    Supercuts in Lewisham is in dyer need of a makeover and some proper management- there was a huge que outside and the manageress could clearly see this but made no apology and opened the shutters 15 mins late. This place is FILTHY! Surely after a shift you should ensure that the floor is swept at least! I was the first customer in this morning and the chair I was shown to was covered in yesterdays cuttings. The employee made no attempt to clean it and passed no remarks as I brushed it off with my towel. The equipment looks old and dirty and I wouldn't be surprised if I picked up... More...
    daiseyduke44's Picture   daiseyduke44    0 Comments   Comments
  • Super cuts hair cut

    When you go to Supercuts for a haircut, they ask you if you want them to use scissors or trimmers on your hair. I always respond the same way - "you are the professional, do what you think is best". Today, at the Supercuts located at 11200 Northwest Freeway in Houston, the woman insisted I learn about these options, so she could do her job. What a waste of time. When I reiterated that I did not care, I just needed a hair cut, she called over another employee. It is doubtful this person was a manager, or she would have had the training to tell the first person to go ahead... More...
    frankbonner's Picture   frankbonner    4 Comments   Comments
  • Haircut

    terrible customer service along with a shabby hair cut Cynthia was my Hairdresser to say the least. She did not accept my card that Supercuts gives customers she said that they were independent but the card came from that store to bad even after I gave her a $5 tip. Beware when they are busy customer service is at the lowest Ill be looking for a new place thats a little more customer freindly. Hopes this helps........ Store 12398 FM 423 Main St Frisco, TX More...
    texan3frisco's Picture   texan3frisco    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service!

    I went into the Supercuts location at Bridgewater Falls in Fairfield Township, Ohio yesterday at 7pm. There was a blonde stylist with a client and no one else in the store when I came in. The stylist did not acknowledged me when I came in. I waited 20 minutes and the stylist never said a word to me. It appeared the customer was a "friend", because she spent more time chatting with her than doing the simple trim off the ends of her long hair. I got up to leave and was still never acknowledged. I would say this is "terrible service" but I think it was worse than that I... More...
    kathy11's Picture   kathy11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Epitome of Arrogance

    What's up with these losers...first they tell you they know how you want your hair cut, then they tell you that you need to have it cut more often, on their schedule, not yours. Don't they know that decisions about ourselves are our own prerogative? Tell them to mind their own business! And their haircuts aren't all that good. More...
    MadHatter1000's Picture   MadHatter1000    0 Comments   Comments

Supercuts Reviews By Product

Supercuts Comments

pink4hope14 says: (3 years ago)
Never in my life have I been charged extra for using a round brush to style my hair. What you go for is to have your hair cut and styled and they don't tell you what they are sneaking in as extra charges. I knew all along that they charge extra for blowdrying but COME ON… charging another fee for styling someone's hair is OUTRAGEOUS!! I could have used a round brush at home for nothing.

Killaloe says: (4 years ago)
Went to super cuts in Hounslow and to be honest I would have looked better coming out of a butchers terrible haircut I'm only 20 a Uni student and the woman said I had to have it washed although it was wet when I went in she charged me £23 for well can't even explain what it looks like now I have emailed the company and still waiting for a reply my advise is DONT use them maybe cheap but never again will I step foot in there

Kayannab says: (4 years ago)
Omg my hair looks like a kid was playing with scissors I definitely do not recommend super cuts they SUCK!!!!!!!

Eatme69 says: (4 years ago)
Just went to supercuts in east haven,ct. Tuesday special $10. I ask her 3 times to cut more. Every time she cut about an eighth of an inch.then she rolled her eyes when ask shorter. Finally had enough and went to pay another shop to fix it.
Pissed off from east haven ,ct

Udom13 says: (5 years ago)
My name is ulises I just went to super cuts to get a hair cut and I look awful I have never looked this ugly in my life curse super cuts hope the close for ever

not7632happy says: (5 years ago)
cookeville tn. michelle- worst hair cut ever, attitude,arrogant,appearence,bar maid type NOT HAPPY

pooh113 says: (5 years ago)
just got the worst haircut ever!! i am sooo unhappy. she cut my hair in the back too short, and longer in the front. it looks hideous!! i had asked her to cut my bangs which she forgot to do, i had to remind her, then she was going to have me leave with wet hair and not dry or style it! i am sooo unhappy!! i have never had short hair like this, not a short hair person. i am so disgusted, & will make sure that no one i know goes there, i will spread the word. as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

totallyannoyed6 says: (6 years ago)
I went to s Supercuts in Delray Beach Fl to get a shoulder length haircut. I needed a haircut desperately and with the economy and having no job I couldn't afford a salon so that's what brought me there. Lord knows what it took for me to even save up the $15.00. My hair was 4 or so inches past my shoulders already ( and so damaged at the ends) that I thought no problem. How can you mess up with shoulder length hair...nothing fancy...WRONG....
Well I saw the girl make a cut about an inch past my ears!!!!! At that was too late! She butchered me! I asked her what part of "SHOULDER" did she not understand.

P.S. IT IS THE WORST HAIRCUT I EVER GOT!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM SUPERCUTS!!!!! The girl who cut my hair was from

pepsi143 says: (7 years ago)
I just got a cut at the supercuts in Swampscott MA. and it is horrible...looks like the girl didn't cut anything off. I have been going there for at least 5 years and never had this happen before. she seemed like she never went to beauty school. I am very angry and don't think I will EVER go there again!!!

suryax says: (8 years ago)
Called at 5:50 PM...
Me: "Hi, how long is the wait?"
"40 minutes"
Me: (I guess it will be 6:30 PM) .. "OK"
"Do you want to come in?"
Me: "Yeah, sure"
Reach at 6:20, expecting to wait for 10 minutes. Name slip says 6:40 PM. Not what I was expecting...

Alright .. I'll wait for 20 minutes.... waiting.. waiting .. 7:10 P.M. Girl with attitude calls my name ... "Oh, I'm waiting for the other one".. she goes away. Wait for another 5 minutes.. can't wait anymore ..leave. I guess i won't be coming here again. What's the point of making an appointment if they can't keep the time?

upsetclientnumber1 says: (9 years ago)
The manager at Morrel Supercuts is Extremely difficult to be around. I hope and pray she is not in there everytime I drive up for my hair. Her voice is to the point of fingers on a chalk board. She does not even liten to the other gils, clients, just talks over anyone about anything. No one can even answer or hear themself talk or think. It is very unpleasent. My stylist was so sweet, that its a shame we cant be along during my apoointment. I think I would really enjoy my experience. The other girls seem great and the saloon is clean and very close to my house. It would really be ashame to have to stop going there.

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